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Our 2022-2023 Officers

O U R    K E R R   F A M I L Y


Kerr High School is one of 5 High Schools in Alief ISD. A school of choice, students are encouraged to come here to get a jump on college preparation. With no sports, Kerr's fine arts programs have exploded. We have strong music, art and speech and debate programs. But the biggest family in the school is Cadre Kerr. With 800 students, Cadre Kerr's family is 120 or more strong. We create a loving, supportive environment that gives to others first and helps to lift all of our members to the top! We excel because we strive to make every member of our troupe stronger and everyone works to make the group successful because we care. We have taken 1st place in Makeup Competitions and Tech Challenges at State Thespian Festival as well as many National Qualifiers, advamcing in UIL One Act Play competitions.


Our success is due to the Phenomenal Leadership of our Club by our Officers:



Kathy Nguyen - President


Kathy Nguyen is currently a senior at Kerr High School. She is a very dedicated cadre member who has been a part of the family since her freshman year. She has performed in productions such as “The Good Woman of Setzuan,” “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” “Chamber Music,” and “The 39 Steps,” “The Little Mermaid: The Musical” as Flounder, “Gathering Blue,” and “Skeleton Stories.” She is proud to be back in the role of an ensemble for her final Mainstage performance with Cadre.

Kathy FInal.JPG

Moustapha Barry - Vice-President


Barry is a senior in his fourth year of theatre and third year of being costume crew head. He started as a crew member during his first production, “The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime”. And now he is an officer for cadre Kerr theater. Barry plans to go to college for costume design or construction.


Willow Tome - Secretary


Willow is in their Senior year and 3rd year as an active member of Cadre Kerr. As a technician, they have been on Props and Projections for "Good Woman of Setzuan" and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime". They also headed for Projections for "The 39 Steps" "Smile N' Nod - 2022", and Props for "Gathering Blue". They are excited to return to Props and the crew head for it for a mainstage show.

Willow Final.JPG

Krystal has been a part of Cadre Kerr since her freshman year. She has been a part of multiple productions such as “Good Woman of Setzuan”, “The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Nighttime”, “39 Steps”, “Little Mermaid”, and “Skeleton Stories”. As Treasurer of this club, she is happy that everyone can see the hard work that the troupe has done. This is her last MainStage show of the year, and her last year in Cadre, and she’s excited to help put on this show as one of the Assistant Technical Directors.

Krystal Vivas- Treasurer



Chriss Doradea - Historian


Chriss is a senior at Kerr High School. This is his second year of theater and he is in love with it. This is his first-time crew heading and he is excited to bring the show to the masses. Chriss can’t wait for this show to come out and is ready for UIL.


Masoud Said - Lead Technician


Masoud is an officer for Cadre Kerr and has been a part of it since his freshman year. During this time he has taken on various leadership roles and has been a part of multiple productions such as “Gathering Blue” and “Skeleton Stories”. He hopes to make his last MainStage show one to remember.


officer team #22-23

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