Season Of

Unpredictable and Unexpected 


The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time


By: Mark Haddon

The One Among Us

A Cadre Kerr Original Works 

Written with the help and appreciation of Troupe 6198

This is the story of a group of friends, ready to take on a new virtual reality game, Among Us: Next Level, based on the original PC and Mobile game Among Us. Parker, the group leader invites his friends to beta test the game and upon entering, Parker soon realizes that his actions as Imposter in the game have consequences in reality. As he kills in the game, he loses his friends in real life, his decisions manipulated by an unknown entity called Computer. Now, it's goodbye to his friends for his sake, it's their blood or his...


Saturday, November 11, 1:00 pm 

Performances will be on the Cadre Kerr YouTube Channel

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The story tells of a young boy, Christopher Boone, who finds a dead poodle, at the front of his neighbor's lawn. Christopher, being blamed for the dog's death, decides to go on a journey to discover who killed the dog. Along the way Christopher gathers information about, not only the dog, but also about himself.

Performing: `

Thursday, January 16th 7pm

Friday, January 17th, 7pm

Saturday, January 18th, 7pm


Thursday, January 23rd, 7pm

Friday, January 24th, 7pm

Sunday, January 25th, 7pm

Performances will be in the new Cadre Kerr Theater

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Edgar Allen Poe: The final mystery

GoodBadCrazy (1).jpg

By: Julian Wiles

Based on the true story of Edgar Allen Poe's missing appearance in 1847, when he was supposed to arrive at the harbor for a voyage to New York. Several days later he was found hallucinated. With no clue or ideas as to where he was, what he was doing, comes this false, imaginative, and creative idea of what happened to Edgar Allen Poe.




Public Performances: To be determined


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Every year, Cadre Kerr puts on a student written, student directed and student performed show. This show is a free spirited spoof on our school year! Look for a new look for Mr. Lewis, Mr. Miller and many more of your favorite teachers. Don't worry - Kerr Theatre is an equal opportunity mimicker - All your favorite students will have a new look too! We will use some of the funny, epic, dramatic, crazy moments that defined the 2018-2019 school year. Last year, Inside Out and all the emotions got a makeover in the halls of Kerr HS. I wonder what will happen this year! Keep tuned to Cadre Kerr for more information!



Performing Matinees Only:



Performances will be in the Kerr Black Box Theatre

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