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The Tenacious Spirit 2015-2016

The season of the Tenacious Spirit with every show representing that anything is possible if you believe in it hard enough. Overcoming adversity with determination in Romeo and Juliet, Strange Boarders and the Miracle Worker. Every show leaves you with the message that one can do what is possible with the help of our peers, loved ones and family.

Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem  2014-2015 


The Season of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem, with each show having to do with grusome murder, a riddling conundrum, or the chaos produced by events that only the macabre find themselves involved from Gomez Addams in The Addams Family, Minerva Osterman in Web of Murder, and the Clockmaker in Paganini. 

The Power of One  2013 - 2014


The Season of the Power of One was the season that showed that one person can truly make a difference or to affect the world around them. From Hester in The Scarlett Letter and Charlie in The Foreigner to Anya in To See the Stars. Power is a definable tool in affecting change.


The Puppeteers Fancy  2012 - 2013


The Puppeteers Fancy was the season  that surrounded people that manipulated the world and the people around them from the Witches in Dark of the Moon to the actual puppets in the puppet musical Avenue Q- the School Edition and Higgins in Pygmalion. The ability to manipulate puppets and people is a tool that  many people try to employ to push thier own desires forward.

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